SimBrain VR Clinic

SimBrain VR is a virtual reality training simulation that will link the neurological clinical exam to the basic neuroscience and neuroanatomy knowledge necessary for clinical reasoning and diagnostics. Students will be able to fluidly integrate their neuroanatomy knowledge with the clinical presentations. The simulation includes a Clinical Room where students can go through a neurological exam on a responsive virtual patient, and a Mind Palace to visualize their anatomical knowledge and compile relevant information.

Level 1 of the simulation involves training in the neurological exam, where the students’ neuroanatomy knowledge is linked to the steps of the clinical exam.

Level 2 will be acute care scenarios with neurological symptoms, where students will need to integrate their knowledge with the clinical presentation quickly in order to make clinical decisions.

The project is being developed with a team of clinicians from neurology and acute care in collaboration with the developers and designers in the HIVE. The app will feature 3D motion captured virtual patients linked with 3D neuroanatomy assets, using the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset.


Claudia Krebs
Kevin Shi
Esma Dilli
Sean Jeon
Olivia Marais
Hanne Dahl Vonen
Geoffrey Ching
Zac Rothman
Paul Milaire


Emma Liu
Amber Shao
Daniel Tian
Wentao Zhang
Leena Alkhammash
Elizabeth McDonald
Ryan Hawa
Degly Pava