A Virtual Reality Experience of Chronic Pain

Building on the success of Neuroanatomy, Season 4: Pain, our team sought to create an immersive experience component to the project: “It’s All in Your Head”. The goal of the project was to immerse the audience in a 3D experience of a patient experiencing chronic (but undiagnosed) pain.

The VR experience is based on hours of interviews with multiple people living with constant and often excruciating chronic pain. It tells the fragmented story of a person living with chronic pain through several scenes encompassing daily life, clinical experience, and an incendiary episode of excruciating disorientation and suffering.

The experience uses audio recordings with patients and actors, dissonant binaural sounds and tones, as well as motion tracking and lag, combined with interactive access points to create a deeply unsettling experience within the viewer. 3D scanned art objects were used within the project to create an element akin to terror.


Dr. Claudia Krebs
Jeannette Kopak
Zachary Rothman

CDM Student Team
Ishan Dixit
Dante Cerron
Juyeong Oh
Ratthamnoon Prakitpong

Project Partners

UBC Educational Technology
The Centre for Digital Media